YearPhotographer of the YearDivision 2 Photographer of the yearJean Grant Print Trophy
(Colour Print 2010-)
The Reid Monochrome Print Trophy Digital Image TrophyDivision 2 Colour Print TrophyDivision 2 Mono Print TrophyDivision 2 Digital Image TrophyThe Cathie Clark Colour Print of the YearThe Cathie Clark Mono Print of the YearThe Cathie Clark Digital Image of the YearJean Grant Slide Trophy - From 2019 Best Performance in External CompsPortfolioKnockout
1991-95Andy Hall
1996Richard Connor
1997Andy Hall
1998Richard Connor
1999Gordon Haggart
2000Patricia SinclairPat CopnerPatricia Sinclair
2001Pat CopnerPat CopnerKeith Fraser
2002Pat CopnerPat CopnerCathy Clark
2003Mark WoodfinPat Copner/Mark WoodfinMark Woodfin
2004Pat CopnerPat CopnerMike Ogden
2005Pat CopnerPat CopnerPat Copner
2006Pat CopnerPat CopnerLynn Stout
2007Allan GawthorpeDave MorrowAllan Gawthorpe
2008Allan GawthorpeAllan GawthorpeAllan Sutherland
2009Allan GawthorpeAllan GawthorpeAllan Sutherland
2010Diana JohnsonRussell AdamsAllan GawthorpeAllan GawthorpeAllan Gawthorpe/Brian DoyleIan Forbes
2011Allan SutherlandGraham ShanksPat Copner/Mark WoodfinPat CopnerDiana JohnsonAllan Gawthorpe
2012Brian Doyle/Iain WoodAlison SmartStewart CaiePat CopnerDonald MacMillanNeal Weston
2013Brian DoyleJohn McSevneyIain WoodBrian DoyleBrian DoyleMartin Sim
2014Brian DoyleMargo WilsonMark WoodfinBrian DoyleNeal WestonJohn McSevneyMark WoodfinNeal WestonNeal Weston
2015Brian DoylePeter WalkerBrian DoyleBrian DoyleNeal WestonAlan BeltonAlan BeltonAllan Gawthorpe
2016Brian DoyleJune GoldBrian DoyleBrian Doyle/Mark Woodfin/Alan BeltonNeal WestonAllan GawthorpeBrian DoyleGraeme GrieseAllan Gawthorpe
2017Brian DoyleJune Gold-
2018Brian DoyleJohn BurnsBrian DoyleBrian DoyleBrian DoyleSarah WoodfinJohn BurnsIan LawrenceJune GoldBrian DoyleIain Wood-
2019June GoldSarah WoodfinPat CopnerBrian DoyleJune GoldSarah WoodfinSarah WoodfinBruce Farquhar/Bert DroyAlan BeltonAlan BeltonBrian DoyleBrian Doyle
2020Brian DoyleDawn BlackBrian DoyleBrian DoyleBrian DoyleMike ReidDawn BlackNeal WestonBrian DoyleIain WoodRussell AdamsBrian Doyle
2021Brian DoyleMartin SimBrian DoyleBrian DoyleLynn Stout/Neal WestonGraeme GrieseMartin SimMark WoodfinAlan BeltonBrian DoyleGraeme Griese/Brian Doyle
2022Brian DoyleMary Marr/Mike ReidBrian DoyleBrian DoyleIain WoodGraeme GrieseIain WoodGraeme GrieseBrian DoyleBrian DoyleGraeme Griese
2023Ian LawrenceIan ChalmersIan LawrenceIan LawrenceLynn StoutMike ReidMike ReidRichard HughesAlan BeltonDerek KnightGraeme Griese
2024Mark WoodfinDerek KnightAlan Belton/Mark WoodfinMark WoodfinLynn StoutMike ReidMike ReidRyan HuttonKen NessKen NessRyan HuttonMark WoodfinLynn StoutWendy Craib

The Jean Grant Trophies were introduced in 2000, Jean Grant (pictured below) was a long serving Member of the Club.

In 2013 long serving member of the Club Cathie Clark (pictured below) kindly bequeathed a donation to the Club from her estate. In order to recognise that gesture the Club purchased 3 additional trophies for new Competitions which were created in the season 2013-2014.


Grampian Eye (Formerly The Grampian Cup (Slides) pre 2009)

The Grampian Eye (Digital Images), formerly the Grampian League (Slides) Competition is competed for by all eligible Clubs in the Grampian Region. The format of this competition was changed from slide to Digital Images in 2009.

YearGrampian Eye Club WinnersJudges Choice Top Images
(Mearns Winners)
1990Cathie Clark
1994Cathie Clark
1998Gordon Haggart
2013MearnsPat Copner
2014MearnsPat Copner

Pictured at the Grampian Eye in 2013 the winning Mearns Team along with Judge on the day, Richard Spiers.

Mearns 1st Place

Forfar Shield

Andy Hall receives the Stuart Cardno Shield
Cathie Clark receives a medal for her achievements in the Scottish Slide Championship

Andy Hall receives the Stuart Cardno Shield

Mearns Leader 2001. Pat Copner receives the Stuart Cardno shield.